A/C Diagnostics, Service & Repair



Topic: A/C Diagnostics, Service & Repair

Dates:  7/24/2023 & 7/25/2023

Time:  6:00 pm to 9:30 pm Central


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7/24 -7/25/2023 Mon/Tues Midwest A/C Diagnostics, Service & Repair 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm Central

DATE: Monday, July 24th & Tuesday, July 25th
TIME: 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm Central
COST IS: $279.00


Air Conditioning repairs are undergoing a drastic change. R-134A cannot be used by vehicle manufacturers for the 2021 model year and later. This in-depth course is designed for every HVAC service technician. We will walk you through using the New J3030 DUAL RECYCLING EQUIPMENT that can be used with R-134A and R-1234yf. Let us show you the latest techniques and information that you are going to need for the changeover. There are alternatives for leak testing with the expensive R-1234yf that will be covered to make R-1234yf leak testing more economical.


Class Coverage:


  • Diagnose and repair failed system components
  • Hybrid compressors and special needs
  • Evacuate and recharge a refrigeration system
  • R-1234yf special RRR procedures
  • Important facts about R-1234yf
  • Alternative leak testing without using R-1234yf
  • Refrigeration essentials – as a good review
  • Air Conditioning systems inspections
  • AC efficiency and system charge

This is essential for all shops doing A/C work!


EPA Regulations: that everyone should know


  • The effect of the latest EPA regulations on the technician’s ability to diagnose and repair late-model passenger car and light truck HVAC systems is impacted.
  • The most current information on refrigerant HFO 1234yf is changing A/C service.
  • This program meets SAE J2845 technical training for R-1234yf.
  • EPA requires OEM’s to use the new refrigerant and most OEMs have already changed over because of the incentives offered by the EPA.


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