Lab Scope Diagnostics



Topic: Lab Scope Diagnostics

Dates:  12/6/2023 & 12/7/2023

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm Mountain


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Wed/Thur Mountain Lab Scope 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm Mountain

DATE: Wednesday, December 6th &  Thursday, December 7th
TIME: 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm Mountain 
COST IS: $279.00


Digital Storage Scopes (DSO) are fast becoming the diagnostic tool of choice.  Why?  Because you cannot fix high-tech cars without a Lab Scope!

Automotive Repair shops must keep up with technology or they will be outdone by the manufacturers. Knowing how to diagnose with this inexpensive tool levels the playing field and eliminates the gap. We will show you how to diagnose vehicles and equipment quickly and accurately using your DSO. Even if you don’t have a Lab Scope by attending this class we will tell you where to get one for the price of a Digital Multimeter.

We take the fear and the pain out of using this essential tool. Register now and start using an oscilloscope the next day.


Some technicians say they use one for everything and some only use theirs on difficult problems. Whichever group you’re in this class is for you!


We will show you how to diagnose vehicles and equipment quickly and accurately. We start with a known good waveform, explain what settings are used, and the waveform tells you diagnostically. Where the connections are made. Connecting a Lab Scope is no more difficult than connecting a digital multi-meter.


This class covers diesel and gasoline vehicles. All known good waveforms are captured on a Pico digital storage scope.

*       Fuel systems / Injection
*       Ignition systems
*       Brake systems
*       Network systems
*       Engine control systems
*       Starting systems
*       Charging systems
*       Sensors
*       Engine compression teasing

*       Pressure Transducer testing with an optional pressure transducer


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